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Jun 29 18

3 Ways to Improve your Workspace Productivity


3 Ways to Improve your Workspace Productivity

By making small and continuous improvements to your office layout, will improve your productivity, focus and effectiveness. Check out these 3 tips you can implement today:

  • Stand Up. Taking regular breaks during the day is one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase your productivity whilst working. Height adjustable workstations are also a great way for employees to increase their movement throughout the work day, by changing the position at which you stand and work.
  • breakout space with plantsGo green and get a plant on your desk. The use of plants in the office helps to filter out indoor pollution¬†and produce oxygen to help clear our minds. Plants can be incorporated in many settings throughout the office, including in breakout areas and storage.
  • Get a notification blocking app. Apps that block and allow you to turn off push notifications, help you to focus on your work tasks and not get distracted by a large number of notifications we receive from emails, social media and new websites.

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