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Jun 29 18

How much space does my business need?


How much space does my business need?

One of the most asked questions FutureBuild our clients ask when moving offices is; How much office space do I need?

BCA requires a minimum of 10 square metres of office space per person. This calculation is based on the total area of your office, divided by the number of office staff. The amount of space you require will be dictated by the industry you are in. Depending on your industry and the type of work you do FutureBuild recommend between 10-15 square metres of space per person. A law office may have closer to 15 square metres per person, whilst a call centre environment will be nearer to 10 square metres per person.

What to think about when your moving offices:

  • How much space do we have now? Is it utilised correctly? Could we be using less space?
  • What is the minimum square metres of office space we need? (Office Staff x 10m2)
  • How do plans for future business expansion, impact on office staff numbers?
  • How is technology developing and how will it affect the amount of space your staff need to perform their roles? Technology is evolving a rapid rate, how will it impact on the way you work?
  • How are you planning to attract and retain talent? A great office design can help retain your talent and attracts others to join your firm.
  • What trends are your seeing in your industry and how will these impact the way you work in teh future? Will robotics play a part in your future space?
  • Should alternative work settings, such as non-assigned seating, activity based working and agile, be considered?
  • How do we manage the change to a new workplace and a new way of working?

When a business looks to move, expand or change the way it works, it requires considered and intelligent office design that helps to attract and retain talent, embraces technology changes and makes the maximises office space.

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